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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Nutritional of goat milk @ khasiat nutrisi susu kambing

Milk is one of the healthiest foods/drinks. According to Tirmidzi and Ahmad; Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w in Syamil Muhammad s.a.w. stated that, there is no other things that can be functional as foods and drinks just like milk.

There are hadiths show that Muhammad s.a.w took goat milk as a foods and drinks other than honey, hubbatus sauda' (caraway seeds) and dates.

Abu Bakar's slave, Amir bin Fuhairah tended the flocks of goats near the cave of Thur during the day and supplied them fresh milk in the night. (From Raheeq Al Maktum).

And verily! In the cattle, there is a lesson to you. We give you drink of that which is in their bellies, from between excretions and blood, pure milk; palatable to the drinkers. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was reported to have been pleased when once drinking goat milk. (Al-Quran 16:66 & Muslim #4984).

The goodness of goat milk based on users experience and clinical research found that the goat milk are rich with calcium, pottasium, phosphurus and trytophan. These four elements able to increase the health level which amongs are:

(a) High with calcium which is good for strong bone and development for children and strong teeth for adults
(b) Rich with proteins, enzyems and vitamin A that are important for health
(c) To beautify skin and treat skin decease
(d) Able to increase and strengthen lung immune and act as anti arthritis (joint inflamation) and also balance
     balance sugar level in blood.

Based on some research, goat milk are capable to heal decease such as gastric, peptic ulser, yellow fever, asthma, insomnia (difficult to sleep), hepatatitis A, migrane, gout, kidney decease, diabetes and to avoid cancer. The chemical structure of goat milk is very close with chemical contains in mother's milk.This make the milk is to be digest for both childrens and adults. For those who facing mucus, goat milk is the best nutrious drink because its act as non mucus forming and helps to neutralize mucus.

Now there many products offered in the market that relates to goat milk. Lets start to spread the goodness of sunnah foods which have been taken by prophet Muhammad S.A.W and recommended in Quran for good health.



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